About CanaSupport

CanaSupport stands for Canadian Access to Natural Alternatives and Support.

Support is emphasized because we know how important peer and professional support systems are for overall well-being. Read about other people’s experiences, join our start-up community, and share your own story in an understanding environment.

Offering a mix of education and compassion, CanaSupport is here for patients in need.

By helping individuals connect to credible information, personal experiences, educational resources and support systems, CanaSupport promotes alternative forms of health and helps connect patients to the right professionals and intentional peer support groups for their needs.

CanaSupport’s mission is to make appropriate and affordable access to alternative health easy.

We also aim to:

  • Alleviate stigmas against non-traditional medicinal choices and lifestyles
  • Actively promote awareness and harm reduction on alternative methods
  • Offer compassion and support to those that use¬†alternative medicine
  • Help patients access appropriate medication for their choices and conditions
  • Encourage patient-doctor communication through the Canacard system

Health is a whole-body condition that includes lifestyle, mentality and individualized choices. Each person requires different methods of attaining health. We believe that conventional medicine should be used in conjunction with alternative methods, and that evidence-based knowledge is the most important part of making the right choices for you and your healthcare.

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