With the upcoming election so focused on cannabis, how medical marijuana is distributed might be up for a change!

Producers are preparing for the change, but it remains to be seen if the new laws will be regulated on a federal level or on a provincial level. These new laws could lead to added confusion for medical marijuana patients as under the MMPR medical marijuana is only legally distributed via mail. Many patients continue to use largely-illegal cannabis dispensaries to access their medication, and with Vancouver regulating locations through their city, this may turn out to be the starting point for legalization.

Unfortunately, with the introduction of legal recreational cannabis use we will also see big pharmaceutical, liquor and tobacco companies getting involved in the industry, similar to systems implemented in Colorado and Washington in the United States. A dual system such as this may take a year or two to implement and would theoretically have medical marijuana under federal law and recreational under provincial jurisdiction.

Will legal cannabis help patients have easier access, or will it just limit the quality of their medicine? Tell us what you think!