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  • Educating on alternate health choices
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  • Promoting awareness and harm reduction
  • Encouraging patient-doctor communication

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CanaSupport, or Canadian Access to Natural Alternatives and Support, is a collective dedicated to two things: education and compassion. We explore natural alternatives to conventional healthcare, educate on medical cannabis, and offer information and care to patients and their families. We emphasize support because we know how important peer and professional support systems are for mental and physical health, as well as overall well being.

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The MMPR allows for safe access to quality, organic medical marijuana, and is paving the path to accessible natural health alternatives. CanaSupport helps patients through the MMPR application process. Health Canada has specific rules for prescribing cannabis to patients: a physician must sign your MMPR application to be approved.


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CanaSupport will help you connect with the right doctors and professional support for your condition. Patients deserve physicians who care. We find doctors that will work with patients to manage their health effectively with natural methods supplementing conventional therapies.


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